Isabelle Traduction offers its translation services to companies, individuals and translation agencies.

I offer you a quality translation, based on several principles:

  • precision, professionalism and respect of the source text,
  • deadlines honoured,
  • professional secrecy.

Translation is not only about replacing words by others. It is about transposing a message, an idea in a specific cultural and technical context. The subject must be perfectly mastered, which is why I always do researches to be the most accurate possible. A translator has to master a foreign language, but not only. You also have to perfectly master you mother tongue, whether it is the grammar, the spelling or the punctation rules.

Examples of some of the fields translated:

Huffington Post articles
Jewels and watches
Clothing and shoes
Beauty and cosmetics
Medical (reports, clinical reports)
Sports (golf)
Technical (user’s manual, safety data sheets)
Travel industry (aviation, cruise companies)